Phu My Hung develops first all-duplex apartment project in Ho Chi Minh City

Duplex apartments are coming to Ho Chi Minh City in a big way with the announcement that a new real estate project, Happy Valley Premier by Phu My Hung Development Corporation, the Happy Valley Premier, will have 55 condo units built as duplexes.

A duplex apartment is defined as an apartment, which has two floors that are connected by an internal staircase. In most duplex apartments, the foyer, living room, dining room and kitchen are on the first floor with bathrooms, bedrooms and studies on the second floor.

Duplex apartments are rare, and are normally bought by people who don’t mind paying extra money for the open spaces that duplex apartments can provide. In Ho Chi Minh City it’s estimated that there are only 600 duplex apartments, which is the equivalent of only 0.4% of the city’s available supply.

Duplex units are normally built at the top of apartment towers, when built at all, and the lack of supply is attributed to the way developers calculate their costs and customers benefits. Thus, the launch of the new Happy Valley Premier is unique, since it’s the only housing project in Ho Chi Minh City where all condos are duplex units.

Happy Valley Premier – Duplex design

The project has 55 duplexes which Phu My Hung calls “scenic villas.” The name is inspired by its ideal location next to a park and river. Each floor consists of four duplex units and all units will have double views of the river and park.

It’s said that people who live in duplexes have the feeling of living in a villa while benefiting from the amenities and security offered by a condominium so if Happy Valley Premiere’s duplex units sell in quick time then its expected that more duplex units will be built in future developments.