Regulation on officetels and condotels in HCM City to be implemented

In recent years, apartment projects with condotels or officetels have seen strong growth in the city. However, a notice was released from the HCM City Real Estate Association also known as ‘HoREA’ urging the Government to ensure condotels and officetels are not used primarily as apartments. This warning may cause problems for urban planning and infrastructure and transport.

Le Hoang Chau, chairman of HoREA, said there are no design standards for projects that include both apartments and officetels-condotels. He added, “There are no regulations on the number of occupants at these projects either meaning there would be unbearable pressure on infrastructure and transportation.”

The association suggested to the city Department of Architect Plans that the size of officetels should be 25-50sq.m, while condotels should be of similar size as a room in a hotel or resort. In terms of population, HoREA said it must be capped at half of that of a pure housing project. They also added that in projects combining apartments and officetels-condotels, the latter should be in a specific area and separated from the apartments.

The suggestions laid out have been approved by the Ministry of Construction, but it is difficult for authorities to manage them since there are no regulations related to their planning or design.

Deputy chairman of the HCM City People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen said, “Condotels and officetels are new products but there are no projects with officetels only” – as quoted by Tin Tuc (News) newspaper.

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