FLC Group to invest in 6 projects in Quang Ngai

The central province of Quang Ngai has approved “in principle”, the investment by FLC Group in six projects at the Van Tuong Urban Area in Binh Son District with total capital of $557.2 million USD.

The projects that have been approved are:

• The Van Tuong 1 urban area with total area of 497,902sq.m
• Van Tuong 4 urban area with 404,549sq.m
• Van Tuong 7 urban area with 344,315sq.m.
• Van Tuong 8 urban area with 458,846sq.m
• FLC Quang Ngai ecological urban area with 353,123sq.m
• FLC Quang Ngai Golf Links with 810,442sq.m

The province asked FLC Group to build an environmental impact assessment report for the FLC Quang Ngai Golf Links project to submit to the Prime Minister for approval. The group has also been asked to finish at the earliest possible date, the environmental impact assessment reports for the remaining five projects and submit them to the provincial leaders for approval.

The Quang Ngai Province People’s Committee will then work out mechanisms and policies to support people who would be affected by the projects as well as implement land clearance and resettlement. Quang Ngai Province also instructed relevant agencies to visit localities in which FLC’s projects will be implemented, such as FLC Quy Nhon in the central province of Binh Dinh, to assess the impact of the project on local residents.

At the Quang Binh Investment Promotion Conference held on August 27, the Quang Binh People’s Committee granted investment registration certificates and investment cooperation agreements for 66 projects with a total investment of amount of $7.05 billion, of which the FLC Group pledged to make an investments of $2.71 billion USD.