Authorities unveil plan to turn Da Lat into smart city

Authorities in Vietnam’s central high lands province of Lam Dong Province have developed and introduced a seven-year plan to turn its provincial capital of Da Lat, a famous tourist destination, into a smart city. As part of a series of activities marking the 125th anniversary of Da Lat, the provincial People’s Committee announced that the plan will be executed from 2018 ~ 2025.

Phan Van Da, Deputy Chairman of the Lam Dong People’s Committee said that the project has several goals. The first is aimed at utilizing information-telecommunication technology and other means to improve living conditions of local residents. The second is to increase the operational efficiency of the municipal administration. The third goal is to enhance the competitiveness of Da Lat and promote the city’s socio-economic development, and

The project will focus on a variety of that touch the lives of citizens. These include: e-government, e-learning systems, e-medical records, e-transport tickets, hi-tech agriculture, land management, public Wi-Fi networks, smart lighting systems, smart parking, urban planning and tourism services.

Additionally, software programs and integrated hardware will be created to regularly examine the environmental quality of the air, soil and water in the city and provide early warnings of potential pollution. And authorities plan to install surveillance cameras across the city, along with a monitoring center, for traffic and security management.

In terms of tourism services, the city is planning to develop a mobile app that will provide to information on the city’s places of interest, accommodations, bars, coffee shops and restaurants throughout the city. To support tourism and provide a benefit to local citizens, the city has recently launched free Wi-Fi networks across its inner areas.

The city is also keen to develop and implement an intelligent street lighting system as soon as possible, since these systems can save city money be reducing electricity costs by 60 ~70%.

Da Lat is one of the country’s first cities to build themselves into smart cities and according to the Vietnam News Agency, Lam Dong province ranks third out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide in terms of applying IT in building e-government services.