Vietnam Retail Report – 2017

July 18 22:17 2018

Like most countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam’s retail landscape is heavily dominated by its traditional wet markets and small independent stores catering small quantities of goods and products for day to day consumption of shoppers. However, modern retail is a concept that have grown tremendously in the country – from 2 supermarkets in the 1990s to thousands of modern storestodate.


This report was provided by Euroasiaresearchexperts. EuroAsia Research Experts was founded March 2010 in Dubai when Eric Poiret, an expert in business development strategy and retail management, decided to create his own management consulting agency and share his precious knowledge and expertise with companies in emerging markets. For more information on Savills Vietnam visit their website at:

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Vietnam Retail Report – 2017 Modern retail supported by large young population and a growing economy: 2nd highest urban population in the region and growing, Consistently high GDP growth.