VinCity Sportia project launched in Hanoi

Vinhomes a member of property developer VinGroup, has officially launched its new VinCity Sportia project. The project is developed from the dynamic sports city concept of “Singapore and beyond,” and will be one of the most modern and dynamic outdoor sports complexes in Vietnam.

The project is located in Hanoi, at the axis of Thang Long Avenue, in the area of Tay Mo – Dai Mo Ward. Although the total project covers 280 hectares, the construction density is only 14.7%.

VinCity Sportia design concept – Artwork courtesy of VinGroup

The majority of the VinCity Sportia space is used develop public sports facilities. The project will include the largest outdoor sports park in Vietnam with more than 1,000 gym machines, eight utility parks, 200 outdoor sports fields, eight indoor and outdoor swimming pools, more than 60 children’s playgrounds and 58 relaxation hubs with gardens and walking paths.

VinCity Sportia design concept – Artwork courtesy of VinGroup

VinCity Sportia will be managed in accordance with VinCity standards from Vinhomes investor to maintain the best environment and facilities. In particular, the security system includes security cameras, a secure elevator using resident cards and a fire safety system with shelters and fire doors. VinCity also owns a comprehensive system of education, entertainment, health, and leisure facilities in accordance with Singaporean standards and plans to integrate these facilities into its developments.

In order to make the urban model of “Singapore and beyond” more accessible to the population, Vinhomes and Techcombank offer a financial solution for customers. Customers buying into the project can do so on the following terms: An initial payment of 10% when the contract is signed; an additional 20% to be paid with 6-months after contract signing. The remaining 70% balance can then be finance with a 35-year loan.

VinCity Sportia design concept – Artwork courtesy of VinGroup

VinCity Sportia is the second project launched in Hanoi in 2018 under the VinCity brand. The outstanding point of the VinCity model is the large ecological space, honoring healthy lifestyles and the balance between an active lifestyle and nature.