$50 million USD night market to be built in Danang

In a bid to boost tourism and shopping in Da Nang, Japanese hotel group, Mikazuki, which is building the Mikazuki Spa & Hotel Resort Da Nang, has released plans to build a night market and pedestrian zone next to its hotel in the Lien Chieu tourism area.

Yoshimune Okada, CEO of the Mikazuki Hotel Group unveiled the proposal when meeting with Da Nang city officials at the beginning of this week, and said that the company is budgeting $50 million USD for the project and believes that it will be a tourism enhancement that will be welcomed by international travelers visiting Da Nang.

Architectural design for the Mikazuki Spa & Hotel Resort in Da Nang

The Mikazuki Hotel Group began construction of a $100 million USD hotel project in March of this year. The resort hotel and spa project will cover an area of 11 hectares and will features a five-star hotel, a water park, a game park and a dining area on the Xuan Thieu Beach. The projects construction plans call for the construction of a Japanese style “onsen” hot mineral bathing and water park, to be completed in April 2020, and the hotel and other components of the project to be completed by June 2021.

Mikazuki’s additional investment for the night market and pedestrian zone is seen as a further commitment by the company to expand tourism in Da Nang by providing a new “attraction” to the city’s mix of bars, restaurants and shopping centers. However, this new investment is contingent on support from the city.

In his meeting with city officials, Okada from the Mikazuki group proposed that the city support the plan to build the night market by rezoning a 5,000 square-meter area near the hotel from residential to commercial use. Additionally, city officials were asked to finalize the overall plans for the Xuan Thieu Beach district as an entertainment and resort area as soon as possible since other Japanese and international hotel groups have also expressed interest in investing in new hotels in this area.

In a recent survey by the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA), Vietnam was listed as the fifth most popular destination for Japanese to visit. Hawaii has always ranked in JATA survey’s as the number one location, but Vietnam offers massive appeal to Japanese tourist because it satisfies three important criteria for Japanese travelers. First, it is close to Japan; second, it is inexpensive; and third it has a culture that is different than Japan’s.

JATA – Vietnam tourism statistics for 2019

In 2018, more than 820,000 Japanese visited Vietnam and with more flights being added by airlines between Japan and Vietnam. Based upon the latest JATA statistics for 2019, Japanese tourism to Vietnam is expected to increase at a rate of 10% (+) this year.

In order to expand tourism to Vietnam, Japanese travel agents have called upon the Vietnamese government to support tourism at the national level by increasing the period of validity for visa exemption from 15-days to 30-days and it is expected that the Vietnamese government will approve this extension by the 4th quarter of this year.