Cuckoo clock inspires Vietnam cafe design

Design firm Tropical Space has built a coffee shop inspired by a cuckoo clock in Vietnamese seaside city Danang.

The design features a brick structure with a house perched on top, with the coffee shop forming a single-story base and the house extending out over the garden area. The local clay brick base is inset with vaulting arches surrounding a large courtyard and the glass-walled shop area.

“Habits mean most people’s daily lives usually take place in functional spaces,” said the firm’s architects. “We have detached the walls that define these spaces to offer buffer space, urging people to leave their rooms and join together.”


The house area, divided into three distinct blocks, feature spaces that can be closed off by small cuckoo clock-style wooden



The shells of perforated brickwork create cool, shaded spaces that admit natural light, and reflect other designs by the firm
built in the region